Chieko Sato, “La Rondine” Suzy, Singapore

I came home in Singapore two days ago, still Puccini’s pretty music occupies my head. What a weekend I had in Eastbourne! Cleverly cut the opera into 1 hour show, perfectly assigned all the good voices to main roles, I loved the intimacy of the stage and audience. And great turn outs. Bravo. At first the impression of this opera was boring and not dramatic enough but I was wrong. It was a good entertainment and our stage must be the most fresh, lovely and fun stage – thanks to Chris – for this opera.

Allso found that all the singers we shared that weekend were polite, well mannered and kind. I was in tears as my other trio girls were willing to help me, so as Helene the pianist. Really grateful being with them. Hopefully see you next year!