Anna-Lena Kaschubowski, “The Rake’s Progress” Mother Goose, Leipzig, Germany

“Finally I arrived in Germany-and I´ve never been so sad leaving a city like I was when I left Eastbourne. First of all let me say thank you for everything you´ve done- for founding OperaCoast, for choosing such a wonderful piece of music (Stravinsky is absolutely incredible), for organizing the whole weekend, for keeping us informed about everything important and especially for putting your heart into it!  The weekend was a great opportunity to get a short glimpse of what working as an opera singer is like. We had to get together as a company very quick and had to work together before getting to know each other. Before arriving we had no idea how the others would work, how they would sing, how well they were prepared. Learning to deal with this kind of insecurity is quite important. Although the schedule appeared to be very tough, it just was fun. When I went to bed after rehearsing I was quite exhausted but while rehearsing there was so much input, so much to learn and to discover that I didn´t get tired.”