I do not want art for a few anymore than I want education for a few, or freedom for a few.

William Morris

Who we are?

OperaCoast is a dynamic UK-based company that provides upcoming singers and musicians with unique performing experience. The company has been consistently growing and developing since its establishment in 2011. At our courses and workshops, which attract participants from all over the UK and from abroad, we work with singers to develop a deeper understanding of the emotional content of opera and art song. Our most outstanding soloists are offered a performing platform in order to sharpen and showcase their professional skills.

What we do?

  • OperaCoast Summer Course – an annual opera course for singers exploring one opera in one weekend.
  • Sing Russian – a course designed to enable non-Russian speaking singers to work on Russian vocal repertoire.
  • OperaCoast Interlude – a project where the best of our soloists are given a chance to introduce various vocal music to the new audiences in different locations in Sussex and London.

One of our aspirations is to bring opera and classical vocal performance not only to an audience of classical music lovers, but to people who are not always familiar with this genre. We also aim to inspire a higher level of engagement with the classical genre amongst younger generations.

To us, OperaCoast is not so much about opera, as it is about people — their emotions, experiences, and their ability to make sense of the world through the power and beauty of music.

In 2015 the company was officially registered as a charity No 1160111.